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ROW's Mission

The mission of the Rotary Club of Westmoreland is to improve our community by taking action to solve problems, build relationships, and create a lasting impact.

A service-driven club at its heart, the Rotary Club of Westmoreland is committed to the advancement of both our community and our members by working together to overcome issues, share opportunities, foster leadership, and inspire others in a fun, non-traditional way.

ROW's Vision

ROW members and their kids take a break from prepping vegetable beds

Core Values

Deliver Results Differently

By taking a youthful yet professional approach

We Care

About each other and the community

Show up and Show out

Hold each other accountable and be visible.

Hooked on a feeling

We thrive on the high from making a difference.

We don't suffer jagoffs.

Service above Self


Let's work together!

If you are an organization in need, please fill out the form below. Preference is given to recognized non-profits that directly impact Westmoreland County communities and align with ROW and Rotary International's core values. 

Please note that we operate on a bi-annual budget and give on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thanks for submitting!


Rotary of Westmoreland was chartered in 2001. The idea was to create a "new" kind of club that would attract and retain more youthful members. See what we've accomplished in that time.

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